The Chicago Bulls are a very traditional team in the NBA, whose most successful period occurred with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen from the track and Phil Jackson from the bench. Over the years, several great players have passed through the Illinois state team and have left several images to remember. These are the five best dumps in franchise history.

5. Michael Jordan returns the favor to Dikembe Mutombo

Months after Mutombo said in public that Jordan had never made him a poster and that he was one of the best defenders in the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks center would receive his due from MJ. In the fifth game of the Eastern Semifinals, Jordan attacked the center of the field at the bottom of the track and not only overturned it without regard, but also recreated the gesture of “No, no” which was a trademark of Mutombo.

4. Taj Gibson on Dwyane Wade in the Eastern Finals

The Chicago Bulls of the early 2010’s had several chances to reach the Finals and only the lack of health and LeBron James prevented it. However, an iconic dunk from Taj Gibson to Dwyane Wade will remain in memory in Game 1 of the 2011 Eastern Finals. Despite Miami winning the series, the poster was left for posterity.

3. Derrick Rose crushes Goran Dragic

Of all the Derrick Rose dunks as a member of the Bulls, this is perhaps the wildest of all. After being Rookie of the Year and aiming for a star in 2009, the base that would later become MVP left Goran Dragic posterized with a full sample of his explosiveness in his best years. The English story only adds more drama to such a display of talent and physique.

2. Michael Jordan on Patrick Ewing

Unfortunately for him, the top-2 on this list will have Patrick Ewing as a victim. In this case, Jordan overcomes a pressure of the entire track until facing the Knicks center, who in 1991 still did not know that he would have a decade marked by his defeats against the Bulls. The image of Jordan jumping over Ewing’s more than 2.10 meters and his subsequent reaction are simply brilliant.

1. Scottie Pippen to Ewing & Spike Lee

Despite being a player with great IQ, excellent resources on both sides of the court and a brilliant mindset, the play that defines Pippen’s career is this poster without equal on Ewing. The forward not only ridiculed the center, but threw him to the ground with his score and then “disrespect him” in his own words. Although Ewing wanted to defend himself and even Spike Lee wanted to fight Pippen, the damage was already done. The story was written.