The first death occurred on Saturday and the second on Sunday. Both were confirmed as coronaviruses until Monday morning.

The Ministry of Health of the Chihuahua government reported that two people infected with coronavirus lost their lives while they were hospitalized in Ciudad Juárez.

The deputy director of Epidemiology, Gumaro Barrios, stated at a press conference that the victims were male patients, 45 and 49 years old; one of them had diabetes problems.

Barrios explained that the first of the deaths occurred on Saturday and the second on Sunday, but it was until this morning, after completing the corresponding procedures, that both cases were confirmed.

Previously, it was announced that confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the state reached 20, there are 31 suspects and 81 have been negative in laboratory tests.

In addition, there are two recovered cases: a 47-year-old man in the state capital and another 21-year-old in Ciudad Juárez.

State authorities will continue to insist the population on the implementation of preventive measures, such as not leaving home, avoiding crowded places, not waving or kissing, and when sneezing or coughing, cover yourself with the internal angle of the elbow.

“We are attentive in looking for ways to mitigate health damage and do what we can to reduce deaths,” said the official. (Ntx)