The first trailer for Space Jam: New Legends you were waiting for with Lebron James and Looney Tunes | Entertainment

Space Jam returns after 25 years, and this time it will be basketball star Lebron James who will take over from Michael Jordan.

Don’t get your hands on your head yet if you are one of those who still remember the original Space Jam released in 1996, because perhaps you should see first the first trailer of Space Jam: New Legends that we are going to enjoy in our cinemas in 2021.

Many users are not in favor of classic licenses coming back to life with productions more focused on box office collection than narrative quality, but at least we already have the first trailer of Space Jam: New Legends where, unlike the original title, we have a lot of CGI and visuals, which you might like more or less.

We are already used to the advancements of Hollywood productions looking spectacular, and we will have to wait for the first reviews of a film that opens on July 17, 2021 in our country, and that in the United States it will not only be seen in cinemas , but also on platforms like HBO Max.

The film is directed by Malcolm D. Lee and produced by Ryan coogler and the evil character who will presumably be defeated at the end of the film, is the so-called AI, played by Don cheadle.

A lot of sense of humor, the classic Looney Tunes characters that always overcome the passage of time and although the mythical Michael Jordan is left aside, now we have Lebron James who already ensures that with his mere presence the budget investment made to the movie.

Coinciding with the premiere of the first trailer for Space Jam: New Legends, we also have a new website, although the classic one has been maintained since it is already an Internet icon and which can continue to be accessed under this new link.