“The first thing I notice in a man is his shoes and my date’s were old fashioned”

There are details that can make a date go a long way outside of First dates or cause it to fail in the first few seconds Let the diners pass together. And that was what happened to Marga and Ángel this Tuesday in the Cuatro program.

“I love recording TikTok videos, taking photos of me for Instagram, my son likes it to have life,” the Alicante woman said in her presentation. Already at the bar, he told Carlos Sobera and Matías Roure that “The first thing that I notice in a man is his shoes”.

And he added: “And if I don’t like them … a man’s shoes tell me a lot. I love them with sneakers, skinny jeans and a short-sleeved T-shirt. “Hearing her, the bartender replied:” If you see my feet … “.

“Your shoes fascinate me,” said Sobera to Ángel, Marga’s date., at the doors of the restaurant, but the footwear of the Murcian did not completely convince the child monitor: “I didn’t like them at all because they are old-fashioned, I prefer them more youthful and modern”.

Angel’s shoes, in ‘First dates’ MEDIASET

At dinner they tried to find some common ground that would facilitate a future outside the doors of First dates and, During the evening, the Alicante woman explained to her appointment the reason for her visit to the program.

“I have come for my son, who wants to see me happy,” said Marga, but Angel was not the one chosen to do it: “I would not have a second date because, although he is majestic and a good person, I have been missing something”.

Ángel and Marga, in 'First dates'.Ángel and Marga, in ‘First dates’ MEDIASET