The first studies on the Covid-19 vaccine indicate that a woman’s fertility is not affected






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There are many doubts regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, and one of them is the possibility that you have adverse effects on fertility after the administration of any of the vaccines available in Spain.

According to preliminary results, none of the vaccines point to side effects in relation to female fertility, pregnancy, neither in the development of the embryo nor of the fetus.

“If it is true that, during clinical trials with humans, pregnant women were excluded, something normal in the trial of any other drug,” explained the doctor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and specialized in fertility, Estefania Hurtado, who highlighted that “in fact, there were 23 volunteers who became pregnant during the study with the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, 13 with the Moderna, 21 with the Astrazéneca, and 8 with the Janssen.”

Studies with pregnant and lactating women

Due to the need for more studies in this type of population, the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston (Massachusetts) published in March a stadium of 131 women, among which 84 were pregnant, 31 were breastfeeding, and 16 were non-pregnant and non-lactating. For the study, they were all vaccinated with Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna, messenger RNA vaccines, and the immune response to the vaccine was same in all groups. In addition, a higher amount of antibodies was achieved compared to the amount of immunity achieved after having passed COVID-19, and these antibodies also were found in the umbilical cord and in breast milk.

The second series has been collected in two other American medical centers and published a few days ago. In their case, they have had 103 women, 30 pregnant, 16 lactating and 57 non-pregnant and non-lactatings. The vaccines to be used were the same as in the first, and the conclusions were similar to the previous study.

Thus, vaccines show that, so far, do not prevent the proper development and subsequent birth of a baby. “It should be taken into account that the published data are case series and not randomized controlled clinical trials, in addition, the pregnant population is still limited, and the long-term results are still unknown,” added the doctor.

What if I have passed the COVID?

On the contrary, Dr. Hurtado has highlighted that there are studies that show a possible relationship of abortions, preeclampsia, premature births, births of deceased children, the decrease in the weight of the fetus, etc. with having suffered COVID-19 during pregnancy. “Although it must be taken into account that several of these data come from studies in the first months of the pandemic and with small samples, therefore, the data could be biased and we must be critical of them; however, the appearance of premature births and fetal distress is still common, if the coronavirus infection occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy, “he says.

Fertility in the case of men

In the case of men, according to a study published in April 2021 by the University of Miami in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), there are no affectations in the man’s sperm after receiving messenger RNA vaccinesIn fact, 7 of the 8 men who had oligospermia before being vaccinated, their seminal parameters improved after receiving immunization.

As for men who have suffered from COVID-19, there is evidence that can affect testicles and sperm quality, having observed episodes of orchitis and scrotal discomfort. In addition, in the studies carried out, changes in hormonal and seminal parameters as alteration of the values ​​of the sex hormones, decrease of the seminal volume, of the sperm quantity, of the concentration, as well as of the motility. “The authors indicate that high fevers caused by the contagion of COVID-19 or even prescribed drugs could influence these effects, but it cannot be ruled out that the virus as such is involved”, remarks the expert. Fortunately, although studies are lacking to reach more evident conclusions, there seems to be a potential reversibility in male fertility by recovering from the viral infection over time.

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