The first school in Madrid closes due to coronavirus

The General Directorate of Public Health of the Community of Madrid has closed the Josefina Carabias Center for Infant and Primary Education, in the town of Mataelpino, in the Sierra de Guadarrama, due to a coronavirus outbreak.

Josefina Carabias is the first school to close due to coronavirus in the entire Community of MadridAlthough infant schools and special education colleges had previously been closed. In the last three days, the number of coronavirus infections in the school had increased significantly and, therefore, the center has been closed for, in principle, ten days.

The town council has made the decision after contacting Public Health and educational institutions. “The school regrets the decision, but we have the will to stop the spread of the virus and avoid the risks of contagion. The contagions are enough for us to make this decision, especially in an educational community as small as that of our center “, says the communiqué of the Consistory.

During the days when the school is closed, Civil Protection and the company Limpiezas Alarcón will disinfect all the classrooms and spaces of the center to be able to teach the activity in person again with the greatest possible health security.

All the workers of the center are looking forward to having our students back in school, with renewed energy to join our efforts in the same direction”, Concludes the letter of the City Council.


The basic health area that includes the municipalities of El Boalo, Cerceda and Mataelpino is among the 32 areas where the Community of Madrid applied mobility restrictions on October 26 through Decree 29/2020. This regulation proposed the perimeter confinement of the municipality, not being able to enter or leave it except to comply with the exceptions mentioned in article 2.1.