The first reactions to ‘Cruella’ surrender to Emma Stone and applaud the film: “Absolutely divine”

In a few days, one of Disney’s most iconic villains will return to theaters. Just like ‘Maleficent’, a box office success, ‘Cruella’ will present us with the unknown origin story of the perfidious Cruella de Vil, the woman who wanted to murder a lot of Dalmatian puppies to make herself a coat. Become a fashion victim, Emma Stone stars in the Craig Gillespie film that we will see in theaters and on Disney + (paying the Premium Access extra).

Journalists have already had the opportunity to see the film, and have already shared their first impressions on Twitter. Remember that these first messages are always very enthusiastic and highlight only the positive, but the truth is that the reactions are very, very favorable. They call the film “iconic”, “divine” and “possibly the surprise of the summer”.

Wicked competition

Those who win the most applause are the two protagonists: Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. Together they are “an iconic pair” and have a “wicked charm”. Some even say that Stone is “perfection” like Cruella de Vil, and that we already had Glenn Close. The wardrobe and that “anti-Disney” air also monopolize the attention of the press.

“There are two queens in ‘Cruella.’ Emma Stone and Emma Thompson shine and fight over who is more wicked. Ridiculously entertaining, this story of my favorite Disney villain is a visual feast of ’70s London and haute couture. movie is too long, but I raise my glass for ‘Cruella’ “

“‘Cruella’ tells the origin story of one of Disney’s greatest villains with a 70s punk rock style, a touch of DC comic madness and a lot of camp. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson take their characters by storm with wicked charm and the costumes are to die for. ‘The De Vil Wears Prada’ “

“‘Cruella’ is one of Disney’s strongest live-action remakes offering an updated origin story for a new era while displaying breathtaking fashion. Emma Stone is wildly entertained in the title role as she commits herself to complete with the villainess side with a fearless and daring performance “

“‘Cruella’ is wickedly fun to watch with spectacular costumes and an incredible soundtrack. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson are exceptionally wicked and funny, and they make the movie memorable. Paul Walter Hauser steals scenes, as he often does. It’s like ‘The Devil. wears Prada ‘disneyficado’

“‘Cruella’ could be the biggest surprise of the summer. Daring, dark and wonderfully anti-Disney. Emma Stone is perfection as Cruella. Hair and makeup, production design and costume are safe bets for Oscar nominations. Paul Walter Hauser is fantastic and Winks the dog is adorable. ‘Cruella’ is definitely not for kids, which is very refreshing coming from Disney. Although I’m not really sure who it is for, I know the movie will get a following. It stands out from the other movies. Disney live action. ‘Cruella’ is the perfect combination of ‘Batman Returns’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Have I mentioned the fantastic songs and soundtrack? And the terrific direction of Craig Gillespie? He continues to show his versatility as a filmmaker and how each film he makes seems so different from the one before it “

“‘Cruella’ is absolutely divine. Deliciously wicked, wonderfully wicked, insane. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson are an iconic pair and are outrageous. Costume designer Jenny Beavan deserves a raise. And she has a brutal soundtrack. She’s the successor. Spirituality of ‘The Devil Wears Prada.’ It intelligently reshapes the villain’s narrative. The nods to the animated classic are hilarious. The entire film has a punk attitude, from technical aspects to character construction. Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Fry are fantastic as Horace and Jasper. They are animated without looking like a cartoon, giving inner aspects and multi-layered introspection to the supporting characters. They are the heart and the humor. “

“I generally have 0 interest in live action remakes or villain origin stories but … I’ve seen ‘Cruella’ and it’s GREAT. It smacked my face so badly that it’s still red a day later. If ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ crossing over ‘The Witches’ Curse’ and ‘Death Suits You So Good’ sounds like something that interests you, go see it. And as much as I love Disney +, do yourself a favor and those clothes and soundtrack and go see it on a big screen “

“‘Cruella’ is spectacularly funny. A bit long lasting two and a quarter hours but I loved Emmas Stone and Thompson blowing it up. Fantastically dressed by Jenny Beavan, with a thrilling soundtrack by Nicholas Brittel and Paul Walter Hauser is absolutely hilarious”

“‘Cruella’ is ICONIC. Emma Stone / Emma Thompson are a wicked pairing whose performances test the limits of a Disney movie. Add costumes (perfect), production design (perfect), and a dog with a patch on one eye (PERFECT) and you get dark Disney magic. Also, I’m glad that ‘Cruella’ has a director like Craig Gillespie, who has explored the horror genre with the 2011 remake of ‘Scary Night’, because he has helped give it a darker and more insidious undertone. Also, he’s directed ‘Lars and a Real Girl’, which I love. I think a lot of people who might be initially skeptical and / or judgmental of this movie based on the trailer will find themselves relatively surprised by how the story unfolds “

‘Cruella’ opens in theaters and on Disney + on May 28. In addition to Stone and Thompson, the cast includes Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, Emily Beecham, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Mark Strong.

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