the first public beta is now downloadable

Apple announced the betas of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and the respective trial versions for the Apple Watch and Apple TV. The company, however, did not release the beta of MacOS 12 Monterey, the new version of the operating system for Mac. Now, the version is already available for download on the Apple website.

Those users who have a compatible Mac and want to try the new version, must register or in the beta program on the Apple website and follow the steps indicated on the page. Do not forget that it is a preliminary version, and that could include minor bugs or incompatibility with some services and applications. Therefore, it is not recommended to install the beta on those main machines.

The trial version also does not include all the features that Apple announced at WWDC. For example, the ability to share content from an iPad to the Mac by bringing both devices closer, is not yet available. Some of the new features, such as FaceTime improvements, concentration modes, Safari redesign and new AirPlay options, are present in this first version. The company will release new updates in the coming weeks, where new functions and solutions to bugs found in the current versions will be added.

The definitive version of MacOS 12 Monterey is coming this fall

macOS 12 Monterrey

MacOS Monterey se will officially launch in the fall. There is no approximate date yet. However, and as we saw with the arrival of the iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15 and watchOS 8 betas, the update schedule is progressing at a very good pace. Therefore, and if there are no last minute delays, the stable versions could arrive at the end of September.

The list of devices compatible with macOS 12 is very extensive. Apple will allow you to update those iMac released in late 2015 and later, as well as the iMac Pro from 2017. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2015 and laterIn addition to MacBooks from 2016 onwards, they will also be able to receive the new version. In the case of the Mac mini, all those released from 2014 onwards are eligible for update. Apple will also allow macOS Monterey to be installed on Mac Pros from late 3013 and later.

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