The first post-pandemic Miss Universe is about to begin, the countdown begins on Telemundo

The candidates for the 2021 edition of the contest miss Universe They spend their time confined to the luxurious Hard Rock hotel on the outskirts of Miami (southeast Florida) until next Sunday, the day that will culminate in the coronation of the most beautiful woman on the planet. The first great post-pandemic beauty pageant, in which the successor of the South African Zozibini Tunzi will be chosen (Miss Universe 2019), will be broadcast on the chain Telemundo in the United States and by TNT in Latin America.

The ceremony will have as presenters in Spanish the actress and former Miss Mexico Jackeline Bracamontes and Puerto Rican actor and singer Carlos Ponce, in addition to having as a special guest the American rapper Pitbull. The gala will maintain a Latin flavor with commentators and guests such as the popular Mexican-American actor Mario López or the former Miss Colombia Paulina Vega.

This Tuesday the rehearsals and the photographic sessions of the contestants began. Throughout the day, the media, blogs, “vlogs” and commentators specialized in the contest were in charge of evaluating the misses based not only on the outfit they were wearing, but even on the means of transport in which they arrived.

One of those who caused the most impact upon arrival was Miss Mexico, Andrea Meza, who descended from a luxurious Lamborghini dressed in a fuchsia jacket and miniskirt and a red silk blouse. He was competed by Miss Thailand, Amanda Obdan, who arrived in a limousine and also appeared dressed in red.

Many of the candidates who had been in Miami for more than a week spent their days doing sports and dieting, giving interviews and mentally preparing for the race. All of them visited the Telemundo Center, where they appeared on live shows.

“I arrived in Miami determined to want to live everything 100% and not let my mind make bad plays on me, but learn from all the people I am meeting so that in the future, when I remember my participation in Miss Universe, they will be fond memories ”Meza declared in the program“ En Casa con Telemundo ”.

A new style of misses

For the Venezuelan journalist Mauricio Ginestra, who has spent years interviewing and getting to know Spanish-speaking candidates, “this is probably the most heterogeneous and most interesting group that has come to Miss Universe from Latin America, even from across the continent.”

“They have impressed me because most of them do not bring the stereotypical messages that misses tend to repeat, but have defined and very strong identities. This is refreshing and even hopeful and allows us to see a future for this type of competition ”, said Ginestra.

In this sense, he highlighted the campaign in favor of the LGBTQ + community of Miss Uruguay, Lola de Los Santos, who declared herself bisexual shortly after winning the contest in her country.

I had never before felt the need to publicly tell about my sexual orientation, but after being crowned I opened up in my networks to tell my followers about it“, De los Santos confessed before traveling to the contest.

The Uruguayan model stressed that “differences enrich us and respect unites us.” “The community has struggled for years and made great strides, which generates a lot of admiration and pride,” he declared.

Miss Puerto Rico, Natalia Soto, has extensive experience in the field of diplomatic relations and at the age of 28 is one of the oldest candidates.

Miss Venezuela, meanwhile, is a pastry chef. “I believe in eating healthy, but not in stopping eating anything, much less sweet. I’d rather kill myself exercising than stop making and eating desserts ”, said Mariángel Villasmil, who owns the Sláinte Cakes patisserie.

Villasmil is the first Miss Venezuela in more than 30 years who was under the tutelage of the legendary Osmel Sousa, who left the organization in the middle of a prostitution scandal and who has advised Miss Argentina, Alina Luz Akselrad, and Miss Canada, Nova Stevens.

Miss Mexico and Miss Peru, Janick Maceta, have raised the flags against domestic violence and child abuse. The two are also engineers: the Mexican, of software, and the second of sound. In fact, Miss Peru works at the Manhattan Center studio in New York and runs her own record company.

Miss Colombia, Laura Olascuaga, is one of the contestants who admits that she has prepared all her life to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant and wants to convey a message of “unity and reconciliation.”

However, Olascuaga says he never thought he would get this honor when his country was in the midst of an institutional and social crisis.

More digital than ever

This year’s Miss Universe edition – in 2020 it was suspended due to the pandemic – has bet very strongly on the digital world. The organization and the candidates have a powerful presence on social media, documenting rehearsals and special events held at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, north of Miami.

This Thursday the parade of typical costumes of Miss Universe will be transmitted through YouTube and the following day it will be possible to witness the preliminary voting.

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