The first, on the forehead: Broncano’s mess with Susana Rodríguez in La Resistencia

And it is that Broncano told the guest “Have you ever seen the show?” Susana Rodríguez responding with a lot of humor: “Man, see see ….”. The Galician was born with albinism, a disease that causes 90% blindness in addition to the light color of the skin.

The worst thing is that Broncano insisted again with the same question, again putting the leg, causing the loud laughter of the public and the guest herself.

Susana Rodríguez, in addition to becoming the first Spanish to participate in two different disciplines in the Paralympic Games and to win gold in triathlon and a diploma in athletics, combines sports activity with her work as a doctor, which led her to be the cover of the ‘Time’ magazine for its great effort on the front line during the covid-19 pandemic.

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