The first Lancia in a decade is a “single-seater roadster”

Technically. In truth, it is an electric scooter. The current state of Lancia is a real shame, and is a shadow of the greatness that this Italian brand had decades ago, envied by many European manufacturers. Its current product range is made up of the languishing veteran Lancia Ypsilon, only for sale on the Italian market. Fortunately, Lancia will soon be producing new products again and has a great designer at the helm. Until then, Lancia presents its first new vehicle in a long time.

The vehicle in question is a VMP, a personal mobility vehicle. An electric scooter called Lancia Ypsilon e-scooter. This strategy is not new in the automotive industry. Many brands sell electric scooters under their own commercial umbrella, with specific branding. These skates are not manufactured by the car brands, they are manufactured in the Far East by a third party, and they are slightly customized on an aesthetic level. They are a source of profit margin for your business network.

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Many car brands sell electric scooters made by a third party.

Lancia Ypsilon E Scooter 1

Personally, I am not a VMP user and they would not solve my mobility challenges, but I cannot ignore their strength in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​where they proliferate strongly – whether they are private scooters or shared fleets. The Ypsilon e-scooter is made of aluminum to put your weight in check and is offered in Maryne and Gold colors. It has an LED headlight on top of the handlebar and a small taillight next to the wheel. Have 250 watts of power and its propulsion is to the rear wheel.

Its wheels do not have tube tires, they are hollow rubber tires, maintenance free. Their wear is moderate and they last several months of intense use, without the risk of suffering a puncture. The Lancia branding is present on its base – under which its battery is housed – where we can see the Ypsilon logo, and on the front tube, where the brand logo is present. Its autonomy is about 18 kilometers and recharges at home using a conventional plug. The price of the Lancia Ypsilon e-scooter is currently 299 euros.

Lancia Ypsilon E Scooter 3

This VMP is manufactured by MT-Distribution, and sold in the Lancia commercial network.

We will have to wait for the real Lancia to arrive.

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