The first electric Hummer is auctioned for more than two million euros! – Electric car –

It has not even been manufactured and it has already become one of the most expensive cars in history. We talk about first electric Hummer to be auctioned for more than two million euros. The identity of the buyer has not been made public; yes that the money will be destined to a charitable cause.

In the United States, paying exorbitant amounts of money for the first production units of the most anticipated models is a very widespread practice, known as VIN-001. Auction houses are struggling to be chosen to put such prized units up for sale, and only a few do.

One of the regulars in this game is Barrett-Jackson. The auction house has just closed one of the most spectacular sales in recent years, in which it has closed bids for the first electric Hummer at no less than 2.5 million dollars (this is just over two million euros per month). change).

The first electric Hummer

The Hummer EV is an imposing one hundred percent electric pick up. With square lines and generous dimensions: 5.5 meters long and 2.05 meters high. It offers equally spectacular figures (or more) under the hood since it has been announced with three engines, 1,000 CV of power and 560 km of autonomy.

Of the pricesFor the moment, the most reliable data is the one that indicates that in the American market it will cost just over 110,000 euros. That’s far less than the unknown buyer who closed the bid for the first electric Hummer at a whopping $ 2.5 million has paid.

The Hummer EV VIN-001 is Edition 1; a special edition of which Hummer opened the order period a few weeks ago and sold out within minutes. The auctioned unit has the body painted in white and the interior upholstered in gray and black.

Along with the first production unit of the electric Hummer, a total of eight units of early production models have been auctioned. In total, the auction house has raised $ 5.8 million for them (about 4.9 million euros at the exchange rate). As on previous occasions, Barrett-Jackson will allocate all the money to charitable causes. In the case of the 2.5 million euros of the Hummer, they will be entirely donated to the organization The Tunnel to Towers Foundation, dedicated to helping law enforcement veterans wounded or injured after providing emergency and rescue services in catastrophic areas.

Cover photo: Barrett-Jackson