Apple’s Developer Transition Kit, that Mac mini with A12Z chip that the company has distributed to developers so they can start working on the migration of their applications, is starting to ship. And how could it be otherwise, there are already those who share their reception through social networks.

Here is a tweet that proves it. Axel Roest, developer, has published a photograph of the computer still sealed in its box. Another developer named Adrian Thomas has done the same, even comparing it to the old transition kit delivered by Apple during the transition from PowerPC to Intel:

And here even a welcome brochure:

The size difference is obvious, although judging by the responses to both tweets, what interests people most is that someone from those lucky developers do some performance test to see how that A12Z chip unwinds working at the heart of a Mac.

Notice to developers: no details of the Kit shared on social networks


We’re going to end up seeing those tests sooner or later, but be careful: whoever does it and publishes it will have a problem. Apple standards explicitly prohibit sharing of information on the computer, including photographs:

“The Developer Transition Kit is considered confidential information. With this agreement you agree not to write anything publicly about it, nor to share or show anything about it to anyone other than your authorized developers without prior authorization from Apple that has been sent by email You agree to use and store the Developer Transition Kit in a safe place, accessible only by you and your authorized developers. “

In other words, those two tweets with the images from the Developer Transition Kit box already touch the not allowed with those photos. They can defend themselves with a “that’s not a picture of the computer, if not its box”, but I do not think Apple has decided to have too much wide sleeve with what will be the future of their computers. Still, we have to say that we are not made of stone: if someone dares to publish benchmarks or photos of the inside of the Developer Transition Kit, we will take a good look at it.

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