The first color images of Zhurong, China’s rover on Mars

On May 14, the rover Zhurong it reached the surface of Mars. Almost a month has passed and we have already been seeing images sent by the Chinese mission on the red planet. However, the National Space Administration of China (ANEC) has published new photographs this Friday, the first in color sent by Zhurong of the surface of Mars.

In one of the images you can see the Zhurong rover along with lander. In another one only sees the rover sent by China to Mars. And the third photo is one of the surface of Mars in which only red earth and stones are seen, as expected. “The nearby surface is relatively flat, with smooth stones, of light colors and of different sizes scattered and half-buried. There is a hole at the bottom with darker and more angular stones on the margin, “the ANEC explained in a press release.


China’s targets on Mars

But what is China looking for on Mars? The Tianwen-1 mission, to which the Zhurong rover belongs, has as its main objective to search for data on water and ice in the soil and subsoil of Mars; but also will look for traces of life, as it also does Perseverance in another area of ​​the red planet.

To be able to work, Zhurong is equipped with seven scientific instruments that will give you a closer look at Mars. The rover features two remote sensing cameras, a radar for exploring the subsoil of the red planet; a Mars ion and neutral particle analyzer and an energetic particle analyzer.

Initially, Zhurong’s mission will last just three months. However, we know from experience with other vehicles of the style, such as Opportunity, that These missions tend to last for years; since they are very resistant and they usually spend years doing science on Mars. So we can expect something similar to happen with the China rover.

Will the Zhurong rover be able to find traces of life on Mars? What about active NASA rovers like Perseverance? We will have to wait to find out more.

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