Although there are those who believe that the HTC Dream or Google G1 was the first Android smartphone ever created, the truth is that this title falls into the hands of another device. One not so well-known, but that at the time we remember along with other unknown curiosities of the history of Android.

It’s about the call “Google Sooner”, a terminal that the mother company of Android developed with the aim of testing the first versions of Android, even before the first Apple iPhone existed.

And now, thanks to an eBay platform seller, several people from all over the world are going to become owners of a total of nine units of this unusual phone, for a price of less than $ 200.

This was the “Sooner”, the first Android mobile in history

The main peculiarity of this device was its “Blackberry type” format, since it had a physical QWERTY keyboard located under the classic control keys of the terminals of its time. Right on top, we found one 320 x 240 pixel resolution non-touch screen Small in size and rectangular in format. Other interesting details of its technical sheet are the inclusion of a processor TI OMAP 850 with 64 MB of RAM, a 960 mAh battery and a 1.3 megapixel camera. Interestingly, the device did not have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Although the device was at an advanced stage of development, it was finally Google decided to scrap the project and focus their efforts on creating the HTC Dream by the Taiwanese firm. The reason? The arrival of the first iPhone led Google to think that a mobile with the Sooner format would be completely eclipsed by the Apple terminal, and decided to abandon the idea to create terminals with a format that, at least, was comparable to that of the phone from Apple.

In the eBay announcement, now inactive since the nine units of the terminal have been sold, it is specified that the device corresponds to the model Google Sooner or HTC EXCA300. It is one of the first prototypes used by Google to carry out Android tests in its first editions – probably version 0.5 of the operating system.

The seller explains that the terminal is sold as a collector’s item for phone enthusiasts, given the limited number of prototypes of this model that exist. It further explains that although the battery, charger and a pair of headphones, there is no trace of the instruction manual or other user guide – in theory, this is a test unit intended to be analyzed – and it is probably not even possible to make it work, much less connect it to the network data.

We do not know if those who have decided to acquire one of the units of this prototype will be able to make it work. If so, it is likely that sooner or later we will be able to see in more detail how Google wanted Android to be in the beginning, before Apple crossed paths with young Andy Rubin, Chris White, Rich Miner and Nick Sears, and they had to change their plans almost completely.

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