The firm that has designed Isa P.’s dress will take legal action for the leaks in ‘Socialité’

When Isa Pantoja turned on the television During the morning of Saturday, February 20, the influencer had to be upset: ‘Socialité’ exploded the « exclusive millionaire » that Chabelita had agreed to, showing her wedding dress live. Now, the firm Vertize Gala has spoken through a statement where it ensures that, in addition, erroneous data have been disseminated.

Images of the dress, according to ‘Socialité’

María Patiño’s program featured on set the designer José Perea, a professional who brought with him a recreation of the dress of Isabel Pantoja’s daughter: « He has chosen a very simple but elegant design and nothing flamenco, that has surprised me, » he said. In this way, the space looked for a way to show the audience the wedding dress of Asraf Beno’s future wife.

To everyone’s surprise, the firm had already reacted sharply when they learned that certain images showing the dress they had prepared for Isa P. was on Telecinco: « We want to express our discomfort about the images that will be broadcast on the chain« , the statement begins. As you can see, these letters are written before ‘Socialite’ showed the dress, so the chain of stores had already been informed of what was going to happen.

Can legal action be taken for making a reply?

« These images have been taken without permission in a private facility« , maintains the statement as we advance in its reading. In addition, they continue bluntly, stating: » Our legal department has already warned the producer that we will take the appropriate legal measures« From these letters it can be interpreted that the clothing firm warned that it did not authorize the broadcast of those filtered images, but the Telecinco program looked for a way to remove them: with a live recreation and not with the photographs that they would have in their power.