The fireproof Lada Niva will participate in the Dakar Rally of next 2022

Lada Niva Legend front

The normal thing, when a manufacturer launches a model on the market, is that its life cycle be about six to seven years. However, there are firms that decide to skip this standard for reasons that go against the market. The first has to do with technological update how much customers demand. However, when a model has some success, the brand in question wants amortize the investment the maximum possible. If not, look at the Fiat 500 …

With all Lada Niva is one of the best examples of how a brand can stretch the cycle of a car. This model, as we have said a thousand times has been active since 1977, but the latest versions date from this year. Well, the Russian manufacturer is so convinced that its Niva can do everything, that it has dared to sponsor a private team that wants race in the Dakar. They are Swiss and are called: NIVA RED LEGEND Team.

The Lada Niva will participate in the Dakar Rally in the Classic category …

First, explain that This initiative is not part of the Russian firm. As explained in the press release, they learned of this project through the country’s press. So, seeing the commotion it caused and that behind it there would be a story of friendship, competition and adventure they decided to support him. Therefore, from the official perspective of the firm they will support it, becoming an official sponsor and race supporter in the Rally.

The vehicle that will race in the Dakar Rally is a 1984 VAZ-2121. At this age he will race in a new category: Classic. This has been created for those vehicles that participated in sports competitions before the year 2000. So the Swiss drivers Mario Jacober and Sladjan Miljic, saw the conditions of the call, decided to found the Racing LADA team. Later it changed its name to NIVA RED LEGEND Team.

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According statements by Mario Jacober, rider of the NIVA RED LEGEND Team…

«We are very happy that Lada believed in us and decided to support us! This will undoubtedly give us confidence and help us ensure that as many people as possible can get to know our project. We started preparing in the winter and now after 9 months we are ready to hit the road. Our first stop will be the city of Togliatti, where we plan to visit the AVTOVAZ museum and see with our own eyes the Nivas ‘combat’ of the last century that inspired us to participate in the Dakar rally »

For now we do not know what technical changes this Lada Niva will receive. What is clear is that to race in the Dakar, as much as it is considered a classic, you will have to prepare very well. Although with how simple it is, it sure is easy …

Source – Lada

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