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As you know, Showtime is working on a series based on Halo, the hit Xbox Game Studios franchise. Filming for this production started last year, but had to be stopped due to the coronavirus. Luckily they can start recording again.

According to information from Variety, in Hungary, the place where Halo is being recorded, the state of emergency due to coronavirus has already ended, so several contingency measures were relaxed. Likewise, it was announced that the country will issue special permits that will be given to foreigners who want to enter the country to work on filming projects.

Thanks to the above, the filming of Halo will start again in Korda Studio. It is a production team that is close to Budapest.

Another interesting point is that Halo has a million dollar budget. What happens is that the source confirmed that Showtrime has so far invested $ 41.3 million in the production of Halo in Hungary.

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At the moment it is unknown how many Halo chapters have been shot. We remind you that the series is expected to have 9 chapters and to debut in 2021.

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