There was a lot at stake and that creates tension, something that caused the mess to be assembled at the break of the game that faced the Atlético de Madrid with the RB Leipzig at rest with Simeone and Nagelsmann as protagonists.

Everything has come to light after the words of the German coach at the conclusion of the match in which does not explain in detail what happened, but it does suggest that something happened with the Cholo.

The Sky Sports reporter, after the end of the match, asked the Leipzig coach about the tactical duel to which Nagelsmann replied that « Except at rest, everything was fine ». And referring to Simeone he adds that « there he briefly showed that he is a winner and that he wants to win all the time. »

« Why? What happened there? », the journalist asks. «I’m not going to tell you in detail now. But there are cameras … »Nagelsmann responds. Given the revealing of the responses, the reporter insists: « Was it unsportsmanlike? ». « I wouldn’t have done it », sentenced the technician.

His statements suggest that something happened during the break that Nagelsmann did not like, but that at the moment he does not want to tell. Later, at the post-match press conference, he spoke about Simeone again, although in different terms. «He congratulated me, he told me that we had a good game. I told him at halftime that it is great to meet a coach with his character. I have congratulated him on his character and his personality, « he said.