The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) reiterated this Wednesday the willingness to resume and end the 2019-2020 season and to get it announced a series of alternative plans They could include playoff-style playoffs to choose the champion and teams to descend.

05/20/2020 at 18:52



He did it after a federative board of directors meeting in which it was highlighted that the priority is resume Serie A, stopped since March 9, in mid-June and contest the twelve days remaining before August 20.

“In accordance with the principle of sports merit as the basis of competitions, as provided by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee), The FIGC expressed the will to resume and complete the professional national competitions, setting the date to finish Series A on August 20., Series B (Second category) and Series C (Third category) “, reported the Italian Federation in a statement.

“The Board of Directors will be responsible for determining, before the start of the activity, the competition definition criteria in the case where they should be suspended again, “he adds

Among the alternative plans, The FIGC reported that it could organize a “playoff” and a “playout” to crown the field by champion of Italy 2019-2020 and decide which teams will descend to Serie B.

The same would also apply to the other two lower professional categories, the Series B (Second division) and the Series C (Third).

In addition, in the event that the coronavirus pandemic forces the season to be definitively abandoned, the Board of Directors will establish “objective coefficients” to also choose the champion of Italy and the three clubs that will descend.

At the moment, the Scientific Technical Committee that collaborates with the Government in managing the pandemic gave the go-ahead for the clubs group workouts begin.

The Minister of Sports, Vincenzo Spadafora, called a meeting with Gravina and the president of the Serie A League, Paolo Dal Pino, the next May 28, date to be decided “if and when” the league championship will resume.