The FIFA Virus becomes more ‘lethal’ in the second wave

In times of pandemic, it can be said that the FIFA virus has been more ‘lethal’ in this second wave than in the first. Between the injured and the infected, the clubs, which are beginning to be upset with so many international matches on an overloaded calendar like the current one, have been greatly affected. Only with Spain, up to three players have ended up injured this break.

Sergio Busquets suffered a blow to the knee against Switzerland that will leave him out of the game at least in the duel that will measure Atlético and Barcelona in the Metropolitano. Against Germany the part of falls was greater, since both Sergio Ramos and Canales suffered some discomfort in the biceps femoris that are pending tests to know how long they will be out. Real Madrid, Betis and the Catalans have been the great losers on the side of the Spanish team, although not the only ones.

For example, Atlético de Madrid has lost Luis Suárez and Lucas Torreira for the duel against Barcelona, ​​since both the forward and the midfielder have tested positive for coronavirus during the concentration with Uruguay. Outside of Spain, Mohamed Salah has also been a victim of Covid-19. As reported by the Egyptian Football Federation (EFA), the player tested positive in Egypt. The Liverpool player will miss his team’s next matches.

Coronavirus cases too they have shaken teams like Serbia, Ukraine or Norway, forcing to suspend some games scheduled for this national team break. The latter have seen how UEFA has given them up for the game against Romania after they were able to travel because the government of their country prevented them after detecting a positive case.

One of the most striking cases and that best describe the incidents of a virus that attacks from behind is what happened with the Croatian Domagoj Life, who learned of his positive for coronavirus at the break of the friendly that Turkey and Croatia played a few days ago. When confirmed, the central had already played the first 45 minutes of the duel and he had been in permanent contact with his companions and rivals.

This set off alarms in many teams, including Real Madrid, since Vida was in contact, and even a photo was taken with Luka Modric. In the white set Concern with Varane also arose after Ben Yedder’s positive.

Clubs and players are getting fed up with a very demanding schedule in a campaign in which there was hardly any preseason. Players like Kroos have already raised their voices. The German was very critical of the agencies in the treatment they offer to the players. “With the invention of all these new things, it seems that we are just the puppets of FIFA and UEFA.” «If there was a players union If he decided on these things, we would not have the League of Nations, nor a Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, nor a Club World Cup with twenty teams, ”added the Real Madrid player.