The Fiend, the roster’s nightmare

The McMahons company can boast of having created a great supernatural character, something that had not happened practically since the emergence of The Undertaker more or less thirty years ago.

The new personality of Bray Wyatt incarnating in The Fiend It has given great feuds and surreal moments. If we had to keep one, it would be practically impossible: Seth Rollins’ heel turn, Bryan Danielson’s return, Finn Balor Demon’s ending…

The Fiend has been changing practically all those with whom it has faced … Until Goldberg arrived.

WWE spent almost a year building a character feared by all and dominator like no other to destroy everything that got in his way. At SuperShowdown, Bray Wyatt suffered against Goldberg his first defeat since he adopted this new personality and his credibility was greatly touched.

On Sunday night at Wrestlemania we were able to see Wyatt adopt his most supernatural facet to get inside John Cena’s head to the point of exploring each and every one of his fears. Being rejected by the public, giving up your Ruthless Agression origins, or even performing the long-awaited heel turn.

Such was Bray’s superiority throughout the entire “match” that John Cena practically collapsed under the overwhelming dominance of the former Universal champion.

We saw an impeccable version of The Fiend again after a very tough loss against Goldberg, who just the night before the Wyatt against Cena had lost his title against Braun Strowman.

All this makes us wonder where the level of The Fiend really is. Is Goldberg better than The Fiend? What would happen if they met again? How to regain lost credibility after the SuperShowdown blow?

Goodbye and thanks, John Cena

Leaving Wyatt aside, John Cena He was greatly hurt from his encounter with The Fiend last Sunday.

The one who can boast of being the banner of WWE so far this century, has become one more part timer, with very few segments a year and with combats that serve to put other talents over.

John John… How many times did they sing “Cena sucks” to you and how much we miss you now…

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