The dates of the ‘European tour’ of Formula 1, ratified

The FIA ​​has created a protocol to combat the coronavirus

The FIA, after a meeting of the World Motor Sports Council, has ratified the dates of the first eight Grand Prixes of the 2020 Formula 1 season and has approved changes to the regulations.

As announced in early June, the 2020 season will kick off with an eight Grand Prix European tour without the presence of fans. The inaugural event, the first weekend of July in Austria.


NUM EVENT DATE 1. Austrian GP July 5 2. Styrian GP July 12 3. Hungarian GP July 19 4. British GP August 2 5. 70th Anniversary GP, Silverstone August 9 6. Spanish GP 16 August 7. Belgian GP August 30 8. Italian GP September 6

On the one hand, in pursuit of a correct return to action in all automobile categories, the Federation has created Appendix S for the International Sports Code: the Covid-19 Code of Conduct.

The objective of this initiative is to mitigate the effects of transmission of the coronavirus, and for this they have developed protocols after consulting the relevant health authorities – they have also been advised by an independent expert.

In development.

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