The “feminazis” of Podemos, a danger to public health News Spain

The 8M Commission, akin to Podemos, plans to celebrate International Women’s Day, on March 8, with different mobilizations in the Community of Madrid. They intend to « relocate » the convocation so that instead of a single and massive demonstration, there are several in different parts of the region. A real nonsense given the extreme risk situation in which the Community finds itself. The massive demonstration last year turned into a biological bomb that triggered infections by 2,000%, according to aggregate data published later by the Ministry of Health. His authorization led to the imputation of the Government Delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Franco, finally acquitted, because the Justice did not consider it proven that he had exact knowledge of the expansion of the virus that was spreading exponentially at that time. That saved him. Now, the Government Delegate cannot justify himself in ignorance. The data are there and, despite the fact that the incidence of cases has decreased in recent weeks, Madrid is experiencing a health situation of extreme risk, which prevents the holding of mass events, no matter how much they « dislocate ».

There is no greater irresponsibility than repeating the mistakes of the past and endangering the health of Madrilenians by calling concentrations in different parts of the Community. The more potential sources of infection there are, the greater the risk. This of trying to replace the massive march of the capital by several smaller marches is to patch the problem. At a time when millions of Spaniards have to endure restrictions on their mobility, it would be a sarcasm that radical feminism could defy public health on the grounds of strict ideological sectarianism. You can perfectly celebrate Women’s Day without the need to endanger the lives of citizens

A spokeswoman for the Getafe 8M Commission confirmed to like-minded feminists this Sunday that there will be « many demonstrations » on March 8. «There is not going to be a unitary demonstration to bring everyone together there, but rather that all the neighborhoods and towns that are participating in the Madrid 8-M Commission are going to convene in our territories. In Madrid (city) there will be, because Madrid is another municipality, but from Getafe and the other towns we are going to invite more to stay in our spaces to avoid crowds in transport. This is the recipe of radical feminism to reduce the risks of contagion: a complete attack against common sense and the health of Madrid.