La Liga moved all its strings to defend Fuenlabrada and merge Deportivo de La Coruña after the Galicians requested the disqualification of Javier Tebas for his behavior in the Fuenlabrada case. The club management acted in a Sicilian way against Alex Bergantinos, the captain of the Riazor team, after an audio leaked in which he described the match against Madrid as « paripé ».

Tebas and the director of the League’s Integrity Department, former Police Commissioner Florentino Villabona, acted with maximum speed to remove the spotlight from above and run a smoke screen as they did the previous week with the spectacular ambulance transfer of Chico Flores. Bergantiños was arrested in record time –Less than 16 hours– two policemen sent from Madrid to La Coruña and that movement has caused great discomfort in the bodies of the Law and even in the Courts of the Galician city.

The arrest warrant makes it clear that the arrest of Bergantiños was a real ‘paripé’ to distract public opinion: «One should be more careful when using public resources and not wasting them on irrelevant matters like this. There is no evidence of any party manipulation ». Not surprisingly, the player left the police station so hot after giving a statement and with the mobile that they wanted to requisition from the League in hand.

This fact has caused a great anger in the Police and the Federal Police Union has sent a harsh statement against the aforementioned Florentino Villabona and his right hand Iñaki Arbea, another former Policeman and who made the complaint, in which They request that an investigation be opened against them as employees of the League.

They gave Thebes a medal

«We request that an internal investigation be opened into the actions of the former commissioner of the National Police, Florentino Villabona, in case he had used police officers for his use as a member of a private institution (La Liga) », they point out, at the same time that they ask that “the responsibilities that may arise for this unprecedented police action be clarified and that he has used the scarce resources we have to satisfy the ego of a former policeman.

It is curious to say the least, the attack carried out by the signatory of the letter Víctor Manuel Duque – Secretary General of the Federal Police Union – on Villabona, who curiously awarded Javier Tebas the medal for police merit in February 2016 « For upholding safety and integrity in sport. » The then General Commissioner for Citizen Security he planted and then picked up a much more lucrative job as director of the League’s Integrity and Security Department.

Finally, the harsh statement requires the League to give explanations of its performance throughout this process in which the name of the Police has been stained. «That public explanations be given as to why this arbitrary way has been acted and that has called into question, due to its importance, the good work of the National Police in a matter without any police or criminal repercussions, « they settled.