“‘The Father’ made me think of my own mortality”: Anthony Hopkins

In addition, for his participation in the film directed by – a sensitive and concerned about portraying human drama, over and above the medical aspects of Alzheimer’s that afflicts his character – Florian Zeller, Hopkins became the oldest nominated histrion in the category for Best Actor in the next Oscar delivery.

Working on this movie has focused my mind on my own mortality. In a way, I half-feel that I could avoid getting dementia by doing so! We had a lot of fun on set trying to memorize Florian’s conversational dialogue style. Somehow, by the time the cameras were on me, I didn’t require acting!

Anthony Hopkins, actor

The acclaimed interpreter accepted that at 83 he managed to “survive beyond the age my dad was when he died. I think I understood ‘Anthony’ (his role) from the beginning, in a way it was like playing me. dad”. With this success under his arm and the path traveled in Hollywood, “are you already thinking about retirement?”, He was questioned.

The duo Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman shine on the silver screen. (SEAN GLEASON)

“I would die if I ever left the business. I must be an old warrior! A survivor!” He agreed with enviable vitality. Beside him, Olivia praised his work: “He is such a cheerful man. He is chatting and chatting, but the moment they say action, he is ready to work.

“I agree with him when he says that we are very lucky to be working on ‘The Father’. It has been an appropriate treatment,” added Colman, who had another very particular reason for agreeing to join the project, in addition to being fascinated by supporting directors in his debut feature.

“My lovely mom was a nurse specializing in geriatric care, when I was a child I saw her with her patients. My parents are still young enough to take care of themselves, and the roles have not yet been reversed. But I saw my mother taking care of my grandmother, so it won’t be long before I have to step up, “he said.