06/01/2020 – 08:59 Updated: 06/01/2020 – 08:59

Lluís Guilera closed his stage last night in the ‘Weekend Newscast’. It was his partner, Lara Siscar, in charge of telling viewers that from next season Guilera will not return to the news, since he will be at the forefront of a new debate that viewers will be able to see on Saturday night.

“Throughout these weeks we have strongly insisted on the importance of maintaining this safety distance [de dos metros]Well, starting today, this distance will increase, “said Lara.”It is a physical only distance, but it will cover the more than 600 kilometers from Madrid to Barcelona, which is where our partner Lluís and this house, RTVE, prepare a new project, a new adventure. It is a debate, that if you have been following these ‘Newscasts’ you already imagine that it will be at least with a somewhat different tone “.

Then, viewers had the opportunity to recall some of Guilera’s highlights in the ‘Newscast’ as when he appeared on the set with a banana and gray tape to demonstrate that only with that could art be made or the time in which, in a humorous tone, he went directly to the camera to dismiss one of his companions.

Luís Guilera and his partner Lara Siscar. (TVE)

“And now what do I say,” asked Lluís Guilera after that piece. “Yes, it is my last ‘Newscast.’ I take these last seconds to thank you for your trust in this newsletter during all these months that Lara and I have presented it. I also want to thank the entire team of the ‘Weekend Newscast’, I do not say all the names because although we are not many we would be a good time. “And before finishing, a small note:” And, if you allow me, yes that I am going to give a name to thank my partner Lara Siscar. I love you, thank you for everything, thank you for being such a good companion. ”

“What a shame not being able to hug each other”, Lara replied to wish him, then, “the best of luck” in her next project that will be released on Spanish Television at the turn of summer.

As soon as the news was over, Lluís Guilera published this farewell on his Twitter account and said feeling “excited, very excited”. During his time in the ‘Newscast’, Guilera has printed in the news on Saturday and Sunday a seal of quality and empathy with the interests of viewers that has paid off in audience ratings. That same stamp is the one that the journalist intends to print to the new program that he will direct and lead from September on Saturday nights, just after ‘Weekly Report’.

The new space, which will be broadcast live from TVE studios in Catalonia, will discuss the current topics of the week with experts and their protagonists, will address the debate on the issues that most concern citizens and will review in a pleasant way the political and social chronicle.