Independent film but full of faces known in its cast with which Tyler Nilson and Mike Schwartz debut on the big screen. A small product that comes to us now, in an era with minimal releases due to the logical fear of crashing at the box office due to the coronavirus pandemic. A film that tells us about an initiatory journey through the swamp area of ​​the southern United States, which unites three losers in search of their own self.

Three very different characters, on the one hand a disenchanted fisherman who runs away from enemies who try to hunt him to avenge an affront, a young man with Down Syndrome who escapes from the institution where he is confined in search of an impossible dream, to whom he They are joined by the young volunteer who is looking for the psychically disabled. A story of good feelings that is seen with pleasure and does not bore, which is helped by its content of just over an hour and a half of footage, with three well-developed acts and a narrative rhythm that does not decay. The Nilsons and Schwartz Screenwriters work, along with the Nilson and Schwartz directors who propose a simple staging, shot almost entirely outdoors. All good. Cinema without too many pretensions but well done. Honest and where you appreciate those simple and direct ideas that appeal to the most basic of the human heart but without falling into sentimental pornography.

The plot revolves around Zak, a twenty-year-old with Down’s Syndrome who escapes from the residence where he lives to look for his idol, a wrestling fighter, of whom he has seen countless videos. In his flight he meets a fisherman who has just lost his way of life by contracting debts with other locals, who keep their traps, boat and gear, humiliating and assaulting him. She decides to teach them a lesson by burning everything and starting a journey to nowhere, meeting Zak, whom she welcomes in her bosom and helps her achieve her impossible destiny, later joining a volunteer who searches for Zak, blaming herself for the matter. Quite a transcript that reminds us of the Tom Sawyer of our childhood, those free guys who could do whatever they wanted without being forced to follow the rules. A way of life, next to Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”, which taught us the pleasure of anarchy, at a time when we still didn’t know the term. Then came life obligations, following the rules and family and social mortgages proving that, without knowing it, we were once completely free.

For this adventure and adventure, the new filmmakers have managed to meet a few Hollywood stars, with Shia LaBeouf and Dakota Johnson in leading roles and Bruce Dern among the secondary, where also Thomas Haden Church appears who could never maintain the status won with the « Between Cups ”by Alexander Payne. Although everything revolves around the figure of Zack Gottsagen, who becomes the hero of the show.

“The family you choose” is not a masterpiece, nor does it claim to be, but it contains more cinema than the vast majority of films that reach us in theaters. A good option for this hot summer and continue to revitalize the sector little by little.

The Family You Choose – Tyler Nilson, Mike Schwartz


6.5 Final Note

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