The family of the Hispanic who died when subjected by the San Diego police will receive $ 3.5 million

County of San Diego, California, will pay 3.5 million dollars to the family of a Latino He suffered from mental illness and died in police custody when they tried to forcibly remove him from the cell where he had been detained, the San Diego Tribune reported Monday.

The monetary agreement followed the death of Paul silva in February 2018 when he was in custody by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department (SDSD).

The Hispanic was detained after his mother called authorities to help her deal with her son, who had stopped taking his schizophrenia medications and was experiencing a psychotic episode.

Although Silva’s mother asked to take the 39-year-old Hispanic to the hospital, police held him in the Central Men’s Jail in downtown San Diego, where he remained in a cell for 36 hours with the lights on all the time and without access to drinking water, medical attention, a bed, clean clothes or enough food, according to the demand of the family to which the newspaper had access.

After this time the authorities wanted to transfer Silva and ordered him to place his hands on the cell door to be handcuffed. When he did not comply with the order, about six policemen tried to subdue him.

“Paul was hit between four and nine times, while six other members of the tactical team held him with a body shield and pressed his torso”, argued the complaint.

The event was recorded by the prison cameras. In the video, Silva can be heard saying: “Stop, sir, I didn’t do anything … I don’t want to die.”

Silva died at UCSD Medical Center a month later. The case was reported in the 2019 San Diego Union Tribune Dying Behind Bars investigation.

It is the largest settlement yet for a death in custody in the San Diego County jail system.

SDSD currently faces more than 10 inmate death and injury lawsuits.

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