We have been listening to that phrase from parents about that wearing black gives more heat because it does not reflect sunlight and that it is better to go with light colors, better if it is white, when the heat is very strong in summer.

Well, science has finished denying this false myth, which needs a lot of clarification, because it is based on a reality -the issue of the reflection of solar rays- but that does not have an immediate effect when it comes to making conclusions about what colors are best to wear during the summer season.

Arturo Quirantes, professor at the University of Granada, Spain and author of the scientific dissemination blog ‘El profe de Física’, in statements to the ‘BBC’, clarifies that already in the 1980s the prestigious magazine ‘Nature’ debunked this myth. The magazine study demystified the idea that dark clothing gives us more heat in summer.

White is not necessarily the best option to wear in these stages, but the opposite: according to science, the most recommended is to wear loose clothing and black color.

Quirantes explains that “people have the idea that white clothing is better because it reflects sunlight, while black clothing absorbs it and transforms it into heat.” But this conclusion is very inadequate because our body also generates internal heat, as is known. “We emit thermal energy. If we wear white clothing, the heat we emit bounces off the fabric and cannot get out,” he recalls. And he adds: “On the other hand, if the fabric is black, it absorbs it. And if there is a breeze, it takes heat by convection, which is an efficient mechanism to keep us cool.”

The key is the Bedouins, who live in the desert, and wear black clothing and accessories: “The key element in Bedouin clothing is that (in addition to being black) it is loose. This leads to the creation of convection currents that allow heat to be expelled from the body more efficiently, “says Quirantes.

For this reason, the conclusion is that clothing in summer can be perfectly black, even better, but it must be loose so that it ‘runs the air’.

If we like to go with tighter clothing, then it is better to wear clothes of White color.

“Color depends on the rays that objects absorb or reflect, but within the visible electromagnetic spectrum. Heat does not depend on the visible spectrum but on infrared, which have another wavelength,” explains the nurse. Jesus García Rivas On twitter.