The falls of all the years in the Tour de France

06/29/2021 at 7:48 PM CEST

This start of the Tour is not being so different in relation to others in what refers to the falls. You just have to remember the famous phrase that José Miguel Echávarri repeated every time Miguel Induráin began one of his successful trips to Paris. “The important thing in the first week is not to fall & rdquor ;. Induráin only crashed once in the five Tours he won. And he had the tremendous luck to fall on his brother Pruden who served as a mattress.

No matter how many falls that occur, it will be difficult to overcome the perverse record that the 1997 edition saw when accidents happened again and again during the first week. It was then attributed to the fashion that existed at that time when all riders wore a coupler on the handlebar that allowed them to adopt a more aerodynamic position but that at the same time delayed their reaction when braking.

The International Cycling Union (UCI) banned them shortly after. In addition, France is a country where roundabouts that cause road narrowing where the bikes run into each other and often end up with a runner on the floor.

The nervousness with which the teams face the initial phase of the race is not repeated in other tests, neither in the Giro nor in the Vuelta. The runners receive the instructions from their directors who ask them to be in front, to place the leaders there. And many times not all of them fit, elbows and shouts of protest enter. Also, sprinters are out there with their pitchers.

The main difference with other rugged Tours (the one in 2012 was also a drama in falls) it has been due to the monsoon that occurred in the first stage because of a spectator, a mishap that went around the world. Because it is not the first time that the riders have protested and with good reason over dangerous routes, such as the one that occupied the final phase of the third stage, a catastrophic place with many misfortunes and with the peloton rolling almost 50 per hour.

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