The coronavirus is being a train that is difficult to stop, frantic and fast. The pandemic has the entire world in check. It has paralyzed everything. Industry, tourism, sport… the entire world economy. The latter, sports, is one of the most lashed. There is practically no competition to maintain its activity. Athletes, whether footballers, tennis players or athletes, are confined to their homes like the rest of the world. For this reason it is feared that the doping.

From the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that presides over the young man Witold Banka, A former Polish athlete of just 35 years, he warns of the possibility that athletes take advantage of this months’ break in their disciplines and doping controls to use it. Although he considers that “This is not an opportunity to dope”Banka told . that if it were, the world establishment has the necessary tools to stop it.

It should be noted that it is true that certain countries, such as cases of Canada Y Russia, Of a high number of athletes, their anti-doping programs are currently suspended. Another of great weight like that of UK it has reduced its operation to a minimum. What could be seen for the athlete as an opportunity for illegality and cheating, is quickly settled by Banka: “Anti-doping agencies have weapons to catch them.”

Contingency measures

Given this possibility, Witold Banka exposes the braking paths that the Love to eradicate cheats. The now president of the organization, who has been in office since last January 1 – he was formerly the Polish Sports Minister – considers that doping tests will soon return to normal to prevent any type of alteration in his physical condition: “They shouldn’t think it’s time to cheat”.

“Controls are not our only weapon and we have stronger ones”, recalls Banka, who points out that there are other avenues such as “The biological passport, which is a useful tool” for the detection of possible positives in doping, or other possible cases such as “Long-term analysis of samples”.

In addition, there is also an obligation on the part of athletes and athletes to keep the AMA, As a superior entity, the location of each of them when necessary. “The obligation remains that they reveal their whereabouts, although we cannot go to verify it”, assures the organism president.

Banka He states that he is in continuous conversations with the IOC and with the national competent anti-doping agencies. He I SWIM, National Anti-Doping Organizations, brings them all together, which has marked «A series of guidelines for the areas affected by Covid-19».

The president of the Love Despite all this, he maintains that the scenario that has originated the coronavirus It will create “a new world for everyone”, but this will not prevent the role of anti-doping organisms from disappearing as they do “everything possible to maintain integrity and the beautiful idea of ​​a clean sport ».

Paralyzed projects

Among any of the projects you have designed Banka to expand the Love it’s found “a Solidarity Fund that allows progress to some regions, such as Africa, who have very limited anti-doping systems. ” In the entire continent, there is only one laboratory with the proper approval in South Africa.

“The idea is that the sponsors contribute with a minimum investment”, highlights the president of the organization, who points out that despite being “a strong organization and with powerful tools”, it does not have a budget according to the field to be covered. «A budget of $ 36-40 million annually is not in line with expectations what our partners expect from our organization and we want, or rather we have to, increase it “, he emphasizes Banka which indicates that they are already “looking for some alternative sources of financing”.