Media group Telemicro extended for a further 30 days the suspension of « The extreme girls », Yubelkis Peralta, Sandra Berrocal and Jenny Blanco.

Although the measure was supposed to last until the beginning of July, the presenters of the « End to End » program continue with the suspension until August.

Through her Instagram account Yubelkis Peralta responded to the followers who miss her on television.

« I am on a 30 day suspension, so far, see you in August. Thanks for watching and love, I also miss making television for you« The businesswoman also said in the Instagram stories.

While her colleagues, Sandra Berrocal and Jenny Blanco confirmed the news to the MásVip portal.

So far Dannelis Veras, who was also suspended, has not spoken about it.

After the suspension of the communicators, Telemicro hired the Venezuelan Jessica Pereira, who continues to host the program with Caroline Aquino, Nahiony Reyes, Alex Macías and Jary Ramírez, former members of the meridian.