It will be two days of competition with classification, semifinals and final

Each X-Prix will resemble Star Wars racing and the Dakar Rally

The Extreme E has outlined the race format for your adventure in some of the most formidable, remote and spectacular places, but in danger from the human devastation of the Planet. The off-road electric racing category starting in early 2021 has come up with an innovative format, arguably a mix between Star Wars racing and the Dakar Rally, designed to break the molds in motorsports, with renowned drivers. world about an electric SUV called Odyssey 21.

Each race, dubbed the X-Prix, will consist of two laps over a distance of approximately 16 kilometers. The teams, made up of two drivers – one man and one woman – will complete one lap each with the car and compete head-to-head in each race during a two-day event.

“It is a championship like no other in this sport,” said Alejandro Agag, founder and CEO of Extreme E, to start. “Creating this innovative sports format is vital to attract the next generation of motorsport fans,” he added.

The classification will be held on the first day to decide the best four to advance to the first semifinal. The four who lose will go on to participate in the second semifinal, called ‘crazy race’, which will be a fight against everyone.

Only the fastest team will go to the final, the other three will go to the first semifinal. The winner of the final comes out of the fastest combination of equipment, drivers, cars and engineers during a two-day epic battle.



Another innovative feature of the category is the hyperdrive. This will give an additional boost of speed to the team that signs the longest jump on the first jump of each race. This extra power can be used by the team at any time during the race. This initial format is designed to incorporate eight teams and can be adapted to the arrival of new participants.

“We hope that our fans will enjoy short, wheel-to-wheel races with our high-performance electric vehicle, hyperdrive function and ‘crazy race’ ranking format. There is so much to evaluate in terms of strategy, positions will change continuously.” added Agag to finish.

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