The extenista Tomás Carbonell has shown his outrage through his social networks for the robbery that has suffered in the paddle club of which he is the owner in Maresme. “Filthy societyCarbonell exclaimed, who regretted that it is the fifth robbery in three years.

03/26/2020 at 19:32


Alex Carazo

Carbonell has been unable to resist his anger and has exploded with harsh words on his Twitter account, which has been accompanied by images of the robbery. The former doubles champion in 2001 at Roland Garros has highlighted his anger that this crime was committed in the current situation of confinement, which makes it difficult to repair the club. In addition, the fact of being completely closed causes that there is no generation of income.

The situation is already complicated,
the club without income and on top of this …
Filthy society
It is the fifth time that we have been robbed in 3 years

– Tomas Carbonell (@tc_carbonell) March 26, 2020

In addition, in some statements, he added: “It hurts more because in these times, you think you have to be supportive. We continue in a country of rogues, thugs and exploited

The Spanish extenista, one of the main commentators on this sport in Spain, has received countless love demonstrations as soon as the news has been made public. So, hours later he wanted to thank So much support through a message on his Twitter account.

Thank you all for your support in relation to the robberies suffered, unfortunately I am used to
I am still a privileged person, grateful for everything I have achieved, with the desire to continue learning and creating small businesses
Nothing and nobody will scare me or kick me out of where I am

– Tomas Carbonell (@tc_carbonell) March 26, 2020