The explosion that caused an earthquake after a sex reveal party

The baby gender reveal parties are one of those unnecessary fashions that, in addition, internalize clichés and prejudices that should have been abandoned in these times. For example, the fact of revealing the feminine with pink and the masculine with blue. But if you add an explosion to all that, these events go from being a step backwards in gender equality to a really dangerous phenomenon.

This may seem like an exaggeration, but it is precisely what has happened recently at one of these parties held in New Hampshire, USA. Apparently, the family in question decided to tell their loved ones that they were going to have a child by adding some blue chalk to an explosive, called tannerite. To detonate it, they chose a quarry, thinking that it would be a good place to cushion the explosion. However, they caused a earthquake that shook houses and broke foundations 20 miles around.

The cause of the explosion

The one responsible for this sudden earthquake was a man named Anthony Spinelli. He and his partner went to the quarry accompanied by some family and friends to reveal the gender of their baby.

The two main components of this explosive are sold in separate containers

To do this, they mixed some blue chalk with tannerite. This is practically a Do it yourself explosive, since it is sold with its two components packaged in independent containers. The first contains a oxidant, usually aluminum powder, and the second a catalyst, which is usually ammonium nitrate.

The fact that they are sold separately makes it easy to U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives do not regulate them as explosives, so they are easier to get hold of. However, once inserted into a firearm and fired with a high velocity bullet, they both react with each other, resulting in an explosion.

The blue chalk theme was not actually an occurrence of this couple. In fact, kits with colored powders are marketed for this type of celebration. This is one of the playful uses of this explosive. It can also be used at the business level, for blasting buildings or special effects in cinema, for example.

In any case, it is still an explosive, the detonation of which is not a game. And it is enough to refer to what happened after the explosion generated by Spinelli.

It will be a child

Immediately after the explosion, which took place in Kingston, New Hampshire, numerous residents in the area began to report a earthquake. Some simply felt the ground shake under their feet. Others saw paintings fall off the walls and other objects tip over from the wobble. In addition, possible damage to the foundations of some houses is being studied.

However, the seismographs nearby did not detect an earthquake. At least not a normal one. A detective went to the area, questioned the neighbors and, following the trail, ended up reaching the quarry where the explosion had taken place.

The amount of explosives used is well above what is considered safe

When questioning Spinelli, he explained that he believed that the damage there would be minor. But he also acknowledged that he had used 36 kilograms of tannerite, according to CNN. This would be a figure much higher than the one recommended for safety. In fact, one of the companies in charge of the distribution of this explosive advises not to exceed 0.45 kg of mixture or 0.9 kg in the case of professionals.

While waiting to know if the houses have had the damage that is suspected, the future father has been arrested for disturbing the public order. With this, it is shown that a bang is not a good way to announce the gender of the baby that you will bring into the world. And, incidentally, that you can dress your child the color you want. Well, that does not prove this, but it is something that does not hurt to remember.

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