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The world of pain created by FromSoftware has made school and soon the enthusiasts of this type of Dark Souls type games will have the opportunity to submit to the brutality of Mortal Shell, Cold Symmetry’s game that, since its introduction, gave a lot to talk about and whose Beta was a complete success. Well, the expectation has been so much that in addition to the digital launch, there are already plans for a physical edition.

Through a statement, Cold Symmetry reported that after the great reception that Mortal Shell has had in the phase prior to its launch, they have made the decision to bet on a physical edition, a request that the community did not stop making because they consider it to be a title promising enough to limit it to a console or PC download. With that said, the development team thanked fans and invited them to join Mortal Shell’s debut on August 18 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Later, it was revealed that it will be next October 2 when the physical edition of Mortal Shell arrives, which, at least initially, will only be on sale in North America and Europe and will be priced at $ 29.99 USD.

Mortal Shell proposes brutal and strategic action with RPG elements within a dark medieval world. As you can expect, dying will be a constant given its difficulty and is expected to live up to what is expected of a Soulslike.

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