The Exorcist will have three more films

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According to previous reports, Blumhouse and Morgan Creek were working on a direct sequel to the great horror masterpiece. Currently it has come to light that they are actually working on a trilogy of the classic film.

In news that will surely astonish fans of terror, the New York Times newspaper has announced the launch of a trilogy for The Exorcist (1973).

It was previously reported that Halloween (2018) director David Gordon Green was going to direct a direct sequel to the 1973 classic from William Friedkin. It has now been discovered that three films are actually in development. Ellen burstyn will reprise the role of Chris MacNeil, and will be joined by the star of Hamilton Leslie Odom Jr. as a desperate father who turns to MacNeil for help for his daughter’s demonic possession. There is still no information on the return of Linda Blair as Regan.

Universal and Peacock reportedly acquired the rights as part of a deal that is said to exceed $ 400 million. The first film is expected to hit theaters in 2023, but there is a possibility that the sequels will eventually premiere on the streaming service. Jason blum He will produce alongside Morgan Creek Productions’ David and James Robinson.

It is considered one of the most terrifying films in history. The Exorcist focuses on a possessed young woman, (Blair) and her mother’s (Burstyn) attempts to free her from the clutches of the demon with the help of two priests (Jason Miller and Max Von Sydow).

The film already had two sequels. The first, The Heretic (1977) by John Boorman. It was criticized and actually had very little to do with the events of the first movie. However, The Exorcist III (1990) by William peter blatty (based on his novel Legion), was much better and served as a more akin continuation of the 1973 classic.

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