The Executive regulated the new Law of Knowledge Economy

The Ministry of Productive Development issued complementary regulations to implement the Knowledge Economy Law 27,570 that had been approved in October in Congress.

The new regulatory framework that will govern for the next ten years is « a labor and tax reform », as defined by José Luis Ramón, National deputy and author of one of the projects. As a complement, the Executive Power had already decreed the elimination of export duties, that is, a reduction in withholdings from 5 to 0% for companies covered by the law.

Yesterday, through Resolution 4/2021, the Ministry in charge of Matías Kulfas established that The Undersecretariat of Knowledge Economy will implement the actions and dictate the complementary rules for the application of the Law, and at the same time lists in detail the activities that will be promoted and how investments in training and Research and Development (R&D) will be considered.

The law aims to promote new technologies, generate added value, promote quality employment, facilitate the development of SMEs, and increase the exports of companies engaged in knowledge-based services.

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