On November 19, 2019, Google launched its new streaming video game platform called Stadia. A service that arrived making a lot of noise but that showed that a few more months in the incubator had not done him any harm. In my case I was able to try it at a friend’s house and without checking I found that Google Stadia was working correctly, the truth is that he missed a larger catalog of video games.

But since November a few months have passed and Google has not stopped working on Stadia. New features and a list of video games make Stadia something much more attractive than we could try at the time. Furthermore, the Big G company decided to offer all users (new and already registered) two months of Stadia Pro completely free. More than enough time to thoroughly test the Google service and enjoy a little gem that is also exclusive to its catalog.

Gylt: the little gem of Tequila Works that you should try Google Stadia for

Gylt is one of the “free” games that we can enjoy during these two months of Stadia Pro. A title created by the Spanish studio Tequila Works, developers of the also precious Rime and which is only available on the Google platform. The first thing to say that the game was launched at the same time as Google Stadia and that there are not a few complete analyzes that you will find of the game on the internet. That is to say, in this article you are not going to find anything new that has not been written already, what’s more, I did not even dedicate myself to analyzing games, but as a lover of video games that I am I feel obliged to make this review about Gylt even if it’s a little late.

Because like many others, I have taken advantage of Stadia Pro’s two-month free offer to further test the platform, not in vain among the catalog of “free” games there were a couple that interested me, among them Gylt. A horror and stealth game starring a little girl, dubbed into Spanish and with a background message as important as bullying. Do you deserve to try Google Stadia only for Gylt? I already tell you yes.

The real monsters are where you least expect it

Gylt’s story is quite simple. We are Sally, an introverted girl from a mining town located in North America. A quiet town that has been peppered by the sudden disappearance of Emily, the protagonist’s cousin. Weeks have passed since the last time the little girl was seen and the villagers have given up looking for her. Sally no and so we started the game, sticking posters around different places in the place.

Everything changes when Sally decides to go home and is ambushed by some thugs from her school. The typical children who go in a group and who are dedicated to intimidate the weakest. In her escape, Sally ends up breaking her bicycle, so she has to go back to town on an alternative path. He doesn’t want to meet those barbarians again. The strange thing is that when he reaches the town at night nothing is like before. The streets are empty of people, broken cars and destroyed roads. It seems that an earthquake has shaken the town.

The strangest thing is when Sally thinks she sees Emily inside the school. Of course our protagonist does not hesitate to come to her rescue, sneaking into the closed building. But what he discovers inside will horrify him. The school (and the rest of the adjacent places) is full of strange creatures, monsters that will not hesitate to attack little Sally as soon as they detect her and who only seem to be vulnerable to the light of the girl’s flashlight. Because we are indeed a little girl and not a heroine, so our only weapons are stealth, drink cans and a flashlight whose battery is not infinite. Will we manage to save Emily?

Gylt is much more than a horror game

On paper Gylt is a game of horror and stealth. We must hide from enemies, attract them by throwing cans in strategic places or attacking them in vulnerable parts of their bodies with the light of our flashlight, as long as we have a battery for it. The problem is that as a horror and stealth game it lags behind many other similar games. It is true that the setting is fantastic and the game initially catches with that atmosphere, but with the passage of time you realize certain deficiencies.

Enemy intelligence is not very far and it is that evading monsters is much easier than at first seems. Their movement patterns are quite basic and predictable and in the end it all comes down to: throwing a can for an enemy to move to another place and being able to go through the door where he was watching or sincerely move between tables and desks taking advantage of the blind spots of these creatures.

Occasionally we will have to face these monsters and for this we will use our only weapon, a flashlight. If it is only an enemy that discovers us, it will be easy to get rid of it. In the case of being several we will have it more complicated since it will be time to flee, but these are rarely what happens. There are also clashes against bosses. These are much bigger enemies than normal enemies, with really extravagant and incredible designs (We have already said that Gylt’s setting and artistic style is one of its main attractions). The bad thing is that its difficulty is not quite high and in the end its mechanics are simple, like: if the enemy is a fire we will only have to use water with it.

The truth is that as a stealth and horror game Gylt can be behind other similar titles despite its incredible staging, but it is that Gytl is much more of a horror game.

A story about bullying

“This game is about sensitive subjects. If you have been harassed and need help, please contact a professional ”. This is the message we see every time we start Gylt and it gives us a clue to the actual plot of the game. Sally flees at the beginning of some thugs from her school, Emily has not been seen for weeks and we find her escaping from “monsters” inside the school without forgetting all the messages we find written on the walls and blackboards of the classrooms: nobody cares, we are watching you etc.

School bullying is unfortunately suffered by millions of children worldwide and Gylt just uses the excuse of terror and stealth to tell a story of school abuse. Because the further we go through the story of the game and the more we explore every corner of the school, we realize that we are not playing a simple survival horror, but we are experiencing what millions of children suffer every time they go to school and they must flee or hide from all those monsters that pass through the corridors of schools and institutes around the world.

In conclusion Gylt is a game worth trying Google Stadia for. It is not a long or difficult game at all and although playably you could demand something more, just for daring about such a controversial topic as bullying should get our attention, especially now that we can enjoy them completely free of charge.

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