In its protocol for the Covid-19 world, the Nfl prohibits the exchange of shirts and recommends the use of face masks

Like all major leagues in the world, the NFL developed a protocol for teams to return to training and the guide to follow during games.

The recommendations were sent out on Wednesday night to the 32 organizations including the ban on exchanging jersey at the end of games.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association outlined game day protocols and an infectious disease emergency response plan for training camp.

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Notable highlights for the planned response to the coronavirus pandemic include that anyone with a body temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or above is allowed to enter the stadium on game days, the use “encouraged” but not always required, of masks.

People in the banking area (officials, chain / ball teams, medical personnel) are required to wear masks, although coaches and players are exempt. However, coaches and players who are not very active are “strongly recommended to wear masks on the sidelines.” Disposable masks will be available.

Social distancing (at least one and a half meters) and not sharing personal items will be mandatory in the banking area.

Teams will have up to three days before the first preseason game to submit their roster of field access individuals to the NFL. Those people (stadium operations, field teams, league / club game day assistants, club staff, network and other media on the field) must wear face covers at all times and stay out of a dotted line. yellow.