The exact moment an animal handler is attacked by a python

Through your Instagram account, Jay Brewer shows almost daily what his job as an animal handler consists of, of elephants, amphibians and all kinds of reptiles. While that bond all tends to pass peacefully, a recent video shows how instinct is above all else.

In one of his latest posts, Brewer tries to manipulate a dozen eggs from a huge python (Pythonidae). Expectant, and without encouragement that nobody touches what is his, the snake shows itself in a clear defense situation.

“He’s looking at me in an attitude like, ‘Are you going to get the eggs I piled up? Yes, because I want them to hatch, otherwise that will not happen. Hit it baby! ”Brewer can be heard as he tries to push the constricting snake away from his body.

With great care, Brewer takes one of the eggs from the pile with his left hand while with his right he seeks to keep the python at a safe distance. But the caretaker’s precautions were not enough.

At the very moment that Brewer wants to remove one of the eggs, the huge python throws a tarascon at him that hurts him at the level of the left corner. “Oh, right in the face! I knew this was going to happen, ”the man describes.

Along with the video, Brewer put a bit of humor into the moment that could have ended in tragedy. In addition, the specialist provided an explanation of the reason for his actions. “She bit me. I take the risk to be able to take the babies to the incubator where they will be safe. In this case I had to do it for the team ”, he concludes.

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