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With the presence of 25 international experts, Exma, the largest platform for inspiration, learning and networking in the business world in Latin America, is reinventing itself with the free and online event ‘Exma be on: Contactless Event’ (Reconstructing the future).

The connection to this virtual space can be made on May 8, when for more than 12 continuous hours more than 50 ‘speakers’ from the five continents, the brightest minds of marketing, innovation and empowerment, will talk virtually with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and those who want to acquire the necessary business tools to survive the future, for free by subscribing at

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According to its organizers, “this global crisis invites us to innovate. And in the face of the pandemic, Exma goes into ‘contactless’ mode, reducing physical contact to a minimum, but using technology to meet with its Lo Exma Lovers ’in new spaces and take knowledge everywhere.”

“Given the current situation, we defined what people needed today and determined that the best thing was to have a free event that worked a lot on pillars of the future, defined in things that could be done, knowledge capsules through super-recognized speakers that showed probabilities or potentials avenues where you will have to work once we get out of this pandemic ”, Fernando Anzures, CEO of Exma, explains to El País.

“Everything was confirmed for Michelle Obama to come to Colombia, we are working so that her coming will take place in the future. But now talking about the future is talking about next week.”

Fernando Anzures

Exma CEO

“We will have speakers like Porter Erisman, who worked at Alibaba; Duncan Wardle, who was vice president of creative for Disney; Andy Stalman, who will talk about branding; Silvina Moschini, CEO of SheWorks and founder of TransparentBusiness, which will deal with telework, which is so important in these times; Claudia López, the mayor of Bogotá; Ken Hughes, specialist in consumer behavior, are some speakers at this event in which we hope to connect more than 50,000 people, ”says Anzures.

“We have also invited Yuri Buenaventura, Colombian singer, chef Juan Manuel Barrientos, Guillermo Vives, founder and chef of Gaira; Rodrigo Garduño, founder of 54D, many people who are at the forefront and who have reinvented themselves during these last five weeks and we are sure that we will attract the attention of many companies, medium and large companies that are going to be inspired and take many tools for this stage. that is coming, “he adds.

They will also share their knowledge with the public: Santiago Naranjo, general manager at Vtex for Latam; Sebastián Lora, trainer in communication skills; Daniel Samper, journalist, writer and youtuber and Juan Abel Gutiérrez, strategist in social media management; Nabil Malouli, Global VP of E-Commerce at DHL and Johana Popper, global head of VR and entertainment at HP, and Mónica Galán, expert in communication, leadership and motivation.

There will also be Carolina Durán, Bogotá’s secretary of economic development; Adriana Arismendi, VP marketing and digital sales of Bancolombia; Camilo Herrera, President of the Radar Knowledge Group; Diego Ruzzarin, CEO of Foodlosofía agency; Pedro Uribe, Microsoft director for Latam and the Caribbean. And they complete the group: Ricardo Leyva, founder of Sístole; Rubén Turienzo, founder of Witperformance Treaners; Gonzalo Moldes, CMO of E-Goi for Spain and Latam; Sebastián Torres, leader of special projects at Space X; Samar Yorde, motivational coach and founder of Soy Saludable; Fernando Anzures, founder of Exma; Rodrigo Saa, CEO of Humind, among others.