The European Parliament condemns Morocco for using emigration against Spain

Border in Ceuta (Photo: ANTONIO SEMPERE via . via .)

The European Parliament (EP) has condemned this Thursday the attitude of Morocco for allowing the arrival in Ceuta last May of thousands of migrants, including children, to “put political pressure” on Spain, but at the same time it has trusted that this crisis will not deteriorate relations between Brussels and Rabat.

The European Parliament has approved with 397 votes in favor, 85 against and 196 abstentions a resolution agreed by the four main groups of the EP (popular, socialist, liberal and green).

The message of the deputies who participated in the debate in the European Parliament this Thursday prior to the vote was almost always the same: rejection of the attitude of Morocco, solidarity towards Spain and Ceuta in particular and the will to return to a “constructive association” with Morocco.

It is not a bilateral issue, but a European one

The European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, reiterated “full solidarity with Spain” in the efforts to “measure up and solve the challenges of irregular migration and hoped that” similar situations will not be repeated.

“It is useless to try to limit this to a bilateral situation between Morocco and Spain, that is not understanding the logic of the Union,” said Spanish Socialist MEP Ignacio Sánchez Amor.


The text condemns “the use of border controls, migration and unaccompanied minors” as “political pressure” against a European country, in reference to Spain.

It also deplores “the participation of children, unaccompanied minors and families” in the mass entry from Morocco to Ceuta, putting “their lives and safety at risk” and at the same time regrets the political and diplomatic crisis …

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