The European Commission once again urges Spain to renew the General Council of the Judiciary

Von der Leyen, with Sánchez at a meeting (Photo: Europa Press News via .)

Europe once again gives Spain a touch due to the stagnation in the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). Specifically, it has been the European Commission that has urged, once again, to complete the process of changing the members of the body, pending since December 2018. It defines it as one of the “challenges” that the “continues to face” Spanish Justice, in the second report on the rule of law in its 27 member states.

It is not the only point about Spain. It also details the “concern” about the Supreme Court’s competence in matters of criminal responsibility of senior officials, as well as the regime of incompatibilities of judges and prosecutors, according to ..

The report still does not mention the Catalan issue, since “it is an internal issue and there is no problem of the rule of law in this matter,” it is stated.

Poland and Hungary, special “concerns”

The text of the body led by Ursula von der Leyen focuses on four areas in each member state: the independence and efficiency of the judicial system; the legal and institutional framework to prevent and combat corruption; freedom of the media, and institutional checks and balances.

The main ones targeted are Hungary and Poland after their latest legal reforms that have already been branded as a brake on the rule of law. In particular, he points to as “serious concerns” the reforms of the justice system in Poland, including recent decisions to question the primacy of European law.

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