The EU prepares the creation of a digital wallet usable throughout the bloc

The application will allow citizens across the EU securely access a range of public and private services with a unique identification on the internet, according to an article in the British newspaper Financial Times.

The digital wallet will securely store the payment details and passwords and will allow citizens of the 27 countries accessing local government websites or paying utility bills with a single recognized identity, according to the newspaper, which cites people with direct knowledge of the plans.

The application will be accessible throughout the EU via fingerprint or retinal scanner, among other methods, and it will also serve as a cloud where users can store official documents such as driving licenses, according to the newspaper.

EU authorities will apply a structural separation to prevent companies from accessing user data use the wallet for any other commercial activity, such as marketing new products.

Brussels is in talks with member states to establish guidelines on technical standards for the deployment of the digital wallet, which is expected to be fully operational in about a year, according to the newspaper.

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