The essential requirement to resume unemployment after developing a temporary job

Covid-19 has severely damaged the job market. During the month of February, the worst forecasts became a reality: Spain has already overcome the barrier of four million unemployed, returning to levels of 2016. This has caused that many unemployed have been forced to manage unemployment benefits with the SEPE.

The problem is that there is an assumption that has generated doubts in many workers: the one known as’right of option‘ from the stoppage. This situation occurs when the right to the benefit is paralyzed for having carried out an employed job for at least, 360 days. In these cases, those affected have two options: to resume their remaining unemployment or to receive a new benefit generated by the new contributions.

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Spain has exceeded the barrier of 4 million unemployed due to the coronavirus crisis, reaching 2016 levels. Getty Creative.

Spain has exceeded the barrier of 4 million unemployed due to the coronavirus crisis, reaching 2016 levels. Getty Creative.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that there are a series of requirements. If the strike resumes, we must be aware that we will charge again for the time we had left and for the same amount of benefit. In addition, the contributions generated by the new job cannot be used to later generate other benefits, but will disappear.

In order to resume unemployment and have the conditions of the previous job, it is essential have contributed one year without interruption (not necessarily with the same contract), without having ‘spent’ during all this time a single day of the old strike.

This option is usually more advantageous for those workers who have lost a job they have worked for for years and the next job is, for example, a 12-month contract.

Steps to resume benefits or allowances

To request the resumption of benefits, the SEPE informs that it can be done in several ways: through the electronic headquarters, if you have a digital certificate or electronic DNI; or in person at your benefits office, by making an appointment on their website or by phone.

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To resume the unemployment benefit or subsidy, the application must be presented within a period of fifteen business days following the end of the cause for which said benefit or subsidy was suspended, provided that it is in legal unemployment situation, who has registered as job seeker in public services and has reactivated the activity commitment.

The SEPE also recalls that this option will entail receiving unemployment benefit again for the period that remains, with the regulatory base and percentage that corresponded to him when the suspension occurred.

Ultimately, the decision to resume or accumulate periods will depend on the personal and family circumstances of each one. To make the decision, it is important to take into account the time that remains to be received from the suspended benefit, when it might take to start working again, the duration of the future contract and if it is worth receiving the previous benefit compared to the new one.

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