The error in the label of ‘Informativos Telecinco’ about Pablo Iglesias

After the announcement of the elections in the Community of Madrid, the television news programs at the national level have not stopped covering the candidates of the main political parties. Last Thursday, Pablo Iglesias officially presented its candidacy of United We Can to the Community of Madrid, an act that Informativos Telecinco collected, but with an error in the label which surprised some viewers.

“The pre-campaign of the elections in Madrid does not rest this Holy Thursday, Podemos has presented the candidacy led by Pablo Iglesias“, commented the journalist Isabel Jiménez before giving way to the informative piece.

In the video, Pablo Iglesias is identified as “President of the goverment”, an error in the labeling that did not go unnoticed and was commented on by users on Twitter.

I don’t know if I need glasses or learn to read, but I would swear that in Informativos Telecinco they have labeled Pablo Iglesias as President of Spain, “said a surprised tweeter.

“Another that makes headlines who are going to ask for explanations“, a user joked, referring to the controversial signs seen on TVE about Princess Leonor and the vaccination of infantas.

The failure, which could be seen in the afternoon newscast, was later corrected in the evening edition, where Iglesias was identified as “UP candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid”.

Labeling errors have recently been controversial object on TVE. First, because of the appearance on the program La Hora de La 1 of a label about Princess Leonor in which one could read: “Leonor is leaving Spain, like her grandfather”, to inform that the daughter of King Felipe VI will start her high school studies in Wales from next year.

The second occasion also featured the monarch’s daughters, also in La hora de La 1. In this case, the TVE program wrongly illustrated with the image of Leonor and Sofía the vaccination in the Emirates of the infantas Elena and Cristina, sisters of Felipe VI and daughters of Juan Carlos I.