The “entrails” of the Samsung Galaxy S21, exposed

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are the great reference in the smart mobile segment at the start of 2021. They are available to reserve on the Samsung web portal and on the retail channel in their three versions (S21 5G, Plus and Ultra), with a launch promotion that offers free Buds Live headphones, Buds Pro or SmartTags, as well as discounts for the delivery of old phones with Samsung Renove and other advantages such as free shipping and financing.

It has become a tradition that immediately after the announcement of a smartphone with maximum circulation, specialized media carry out a complete disassembly of its components. Even before the effective launch as is the case. It is used to know the internal news that does not reach the general public and to make a “Repairability index” of its components.

Samsung Galaxy S21

iFixit is a true reference in this field, but there are others. PBKReviews brings us a video into the “insides” of the base model Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. This variant offers a plastic back and the opening process remains typical, using a heat tool to soften the adhesive and then open it.

An interesting change on this model is the addition of foam balls to the stereo speaker system which helps to increase its volume and spaciousness. Samsung is also using a multilayer board to maximize internal space.

The series debuts an important component for the cooling solution. It is a 3D graphite layer that was already used in the Note 20 and is intended to improve the Cooling of the powerful Snapdragon 888 chipset which includes the analyzed model. We do not know if it is also included in the Exynos 2100 that is used for Europe because in the Note 20 they were different.

Otherwise, the analysis gives a score of 7.5 out of 10 in the repairability index. Most of the components are “easy” to access, always talking about common repairs and specialists or users accustomed to this type of repair and who have the right tools. For example, the battery, a component that will one day have to be replaced, is relatively easy to access.

We will wait to see the results of the iFixit tests. Interesting for technicians or advanced users who like electronics and the “guts” of smartphones, increasingly advanced miniature computers. A typical user does not have to worry about this matter as the company offers two years full warranty and great technical service. The Samsung Galaxy S21 will be available at the end of the month and can already be reserved with the launch promotions discussed above.