For many (among which I include myself) “Los enemies” has been the soundtrack of some moment in our lives, records that have marked an era since their first “Ferpectado”, “La vida mata”, “la countdown” or “Gas ” Passion that I share with friends with whom I have shared unforgettable moments: car trips to Cáceres with the Extremaduran filmmaker Julián Franco Lorenzana listening to his records while we went to the presentation of one of his documentaries or to my first short film in the neighborhood of “ La Madrila ”or a solo concert by Josele Santiago in the extinct Supersonic Room in Cádiz with another great admirer such as the bassist from Cádiz Saurom Jose Gallardo. A past that will not return, part of what Flaubert called “sentimental education”.


Bestieza Cover – The Enemies

Leaving aside the territories of nostalgia, where some of us are so comfortable, “The enemies” is the band that has best known how to transmit the impossible union between the cult and the “scoundrel”, acid lyrics sung in that unique way and personal in an inimitable and original set. Josele Santiago follows “visible head” as voice and guitar, along with Fino Oyonarte as bassist and voice and Chema “Animal” Pérez to the patches, who is now joined as a full member David Krahe, guitar in “Los Coronas” and “Corizonas”. After the meeting in 2012 and the last Lp, the “lazy” “Intelligent life”, with this new “Bestieza” they have managed to return the pleasant taste of their best works. A genius of just over thirty minutes. Ten songs that make up a new genius that will delight your multiple followers.

“Bestieza” starts off strong with his “single” “Siete ml songs”, “high-flying” power pop “, at the height of his timeless classics, with great choirs and guitar. “Vendaval” continues to transport us to the best of the late eighties and nineties, with that fusion of Rymth & Blues, pop and rock, with phrases as absolute as: “- I don’t want to know anything about algorithms. I have never believed in predestination. And your appearance brings me out, as always, of my mistake- “. “The offense” follows that high tone, where the phrasings of Josele Santiago are still protagonists. “-Today you pretend not to know. Tomorrow you will pretend. You will remember. You are people. Fucking people- ” A whole declaration of intent, like the one of “Less than a dog”: “-I am not pleasing to the palate. Bitter. Leathery to the end. It’s the same-“. “La habit” is the first halftime, though, to the rhythm of the blues. Five-minute song, the longest on the album but beautiful and that serves as a prelude to more well-constructed “power pop” like “Mar de sendas”, where distortions and “fuzz” stand out. The rarity of “Bestieza” is “Océano” where Fino Oyonarte sings in the most pop song. But it does not last long because “Sacrilegio sideral” brings us back to those spectacular gravel “house mark” of Josele Santiago, in a halftime that plays between jazz and blues. “Hey Judas” sounds very garage, recalling, in more than a moment, the “grunge” of the nineties of some, for example, Nirvana. And after the storm, calm arrives with “El rey pescador”, a suitable ending to Lp. Phrases with bluesy rhythm that brings to mind genius such as the “Paquito” of “Life kills” in its structure.

A job to taste, listen several times, with a glass of Valdepeñas in one hand and another of Moët Chandon in the other. As they said at the beginning of one of his masterpieces “Toast”: “-It could harm the water and not the liquor. Years may not bill the bearer. It could be… but no- ”

The Enemies – Bestieza


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